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Case Study: Commercial Tenants Enjoy Flexible Workplace Charging Solution

Written by Barbara Morris


| 10 minute read

Electic Spinach
In collaboration with Electric Spinach, the specialists in tailored EV charging strategies for real estate, Fuuse has enabled a commercial building in Exeter to maintain multiple businesses and chargers on the Fuuse EV charging platform. 

small double arrow-1 Project Challenge: Reliable Back-Office Platform For Easy Charger Management 

The Milford House required workplace EV charging capabilities for four separate commercial tenants in the building. The asset manager required the ability to maintain the back-office to oversee the energy consumption while still allowing for the individual businesses to manage staff access and usage. 



small double arrow-1 Charging Solution

Electric Spinach proposed that Milford House utilise the available government funding under the Workplace Charging Scheme to aid in funding the installation of 10 Easee 22kWh chargers and the necessary infrastructure. 

Integrating the chargers with Fuuse empowered the Milford House to assign accounts to their tenants on the Fuuse Platform, billing the tenant like any other utility. With their own Fuuse child account, each tenant has the autonomy to manage who uses their chargers and when. 


small double arrow-1 Grant Funding 

By taking advantage of the Workplace Charging Scheme, Milford House was granted approximately £8,500 in government funding to install their EV charge points and infrastructure. 

The mission of Electric Spinach is to guide businesses in their workplace EV charging journey and to facilitate accessing the available grants to fund each project. 

 Find out if your chargers are eligible for government funding.


small double arrow-1 Easy Charging & Management 

Benefits to the Milford House includes: 


Flexible charger management 
Parent and child account capabilities allow for admin control over the commercial tenant accounts and freedom for tenants to manage their chargers. 


Sustainability reporting 
CO2 savings reporting simplifies CSR accountability and informs of carbon footprint. 

price iconMulti-tariff management 
Tariff management allows for multi-tariffs for different sites, as well as different types of drivers. 

maintenance-iconRemote Maintenance tools 
Simplified charger support and management with Remote Maintenance tools and status notifications. 


small double arrow-1 Reported Yearly Totals

The Milford House has achieved impressive results with its Fuuse-powered chargers: 

17.66 MWh Energy delivered. 

 51,038 EV miles supported. 

 9,593 kg CO2 savings. 

orkplaces of the future providing end-of-trip EV charging to their occupiers need to think about the many variables associated to EV Charging projects. They need to consider power, cable routes, electrical design & hardware, but perhaps more importantly, the software.” 

David Farr 
Head of Operations - Electric Spinach



small double arrow-1 Reach out to find out how Fuuse can be part of your EV infrastructure solutions: 


Explore how Fuuse charge point management could get you maximise charger utilisation, generate recurring revenue and ease your transition to electric vehicles.

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