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The many ways to pay at a Fuuse powered charger

Written by Barbara Morris

6 minute read

Nowadays there are countless ways to purchase a product or service, which leads to more accessibility to everyone when it comes to paying for what you need. Paying for an EV charging session should be the same.

Fuuse powered chargers are equipped with a bounty of options to pay for a public charging session, and it can all be done with ease for a seamless driver experience.

mobileTry the Fuuse Driver App

All public Fuuse powered chargers are equipped to initiate a charge via the Fuuse Driver App, which is available for download in the Google Play and Apple Store.

In the Fuuse Driver App, drivers can select the charger they wish to use and then pay and initiate the charging session from there. Within the app, they can also track the charging session, receive updates on when the car is fully charged, and receive notifications if overstay fees will incur once the charge session completes.

small double arrowFind out what else the Fuuse Driver App offers.

Fuuse Sticker Landscape

Group 193Already using Google Pay or Apple Pay?

If a driver prefers to use Google Pay or Apple Pay, they can easily connect their account to the Fuuse Driver App and choose to pay that way when initiating a charge and selecting payment type.

small double arrowFind out how the latest Fuuse Driver App updated features improve user accessibility.

add_card_red1also accepting Charge Cards

With Fuuse Public, Fuuse powered chargers can connect with charging networks, allowing drivers to pay for a public charging session with major charge cards such as Octopus Electroverse and Allstar.

Most businesses with fleets of vehicles and company cars, such as utility companies, the public sector, and logistics and delivery businesses, utilise charge cards for their staff. The rate of businesses transitioning to EVs is increasing, with a large percentage of company or fleet vehicles driving and charging on the road every day.

small double arrowDiscover how accepting charge cards can increase charger utilisation.

ContactlessWhat about Contactless?

Payment without stickerContactless is a standard when it comes to purchasing products and services, and it has become commonplace within the public EV charging ecosystem. With the government establishing more and more legislation around payments for EV charging, the topic of requiring contactless payments is frequently brought forward.

Chargers powered by Fuuse can integrate contactless terminals (e.g. CPI Alio and Payter) to allow drivers to purchase charging sessions with just the tap of their phone, debit or credit card.

small double arrowFuuse accepts payments via contactless with partners Payter and Alio.
You can read more about the
latest legislation addressing contactless at charge points.

QR CodePay anonymously by scanning a QR code

It isn't necessary to download the Fuuse Driver App to initiate a charging session at a Fuuse powered charge point; all that is required is a mobile phone camera and a network connection.

If the charger displays a QR code sticker on the side, drivers can open the camera app on their phone, scan the code and follow the link provided. There, the driver can pay online via pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and begin charging.

These stickers are linked to the specific charger, so they can be displayed anywhere if network connectivity is an issue in more remote locations such as lodging and caravan sites.

small double arrowThe Blackwood Forest Holidays lodge offers Fuuse-powered EV charging to guests, visitors, and staff, displaying a QR code in the main lobby for ensured Wi-Fi, improving the guest experience.

Group 199Subscribe for worry-free charging

Subscriptions Phone ScreenMuch like a mobile phone plan, Fuuse Subscriptions allows drivers to sign up for convenient regular payment plans for frequently used Fuuse-powered chargers.

Subscriptions ensure a stable revenue stream while incentivising drivers with lower costs per billing cycle. Once a driver is subscribed to a plan, they only need to show up to the charger, plug in, and initiate the charge; no at-charger transaction is necessary.

If Subscriptions are enabled, a driver can simply choose the subscription plan for the charger they wish to sign up for within the Fuuse Driver App. Full visibility and control of all charger Subscriptions are accessible within the app.

small double arrowLearn more about the benefits of offering Fuuse Subscriptions for your chargers.

lightbulb-iconNot limited to an app

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, more accessible charging will become an even greater necessity. Unfortunately, EV drivers have grown accustomed to the idea that they may need to download an app to simply pay for a charging session. Improve the driver experience by offering multiple options to pay for an EV charging session with Fuuse powered chargers.


Explore how Fuuse charge point management could get you maximise charger utilisation, generate recurring revenue and ease your transition to electric vehicles.

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